Working Together

To help support the children’s learning and development we observe them during their day and assess the learning they have obtained and decide how we can support them to develop.

Instead of using the old paper book style way of recording  we provide all children with an ‘online journal’ through the ‘Famly’ platform, where we can instantly upload photos, videos and observations of the children ready for us to assess and plan for their next step.

Once the observation has been assessed,  parent/carers receive an email alert to let them know something new has been added to their child’s Learning Journal.  This journal can be accessed using their own secure login details, on a computer via or by using the ‘Famly’ app on their mobile devices.  In this way they are able to see what their child has been up to and add their own comments to the observation.

Parents/carers also have the opportunity to upload information on the things their children have been doing whilst they are not in preschool – such as, helping to prepare the vegetables for dinner, having family and friends round, or sharing a special story.

Famly also helps with the smooth running of the preschool and allows parents to quickly and conveniently communicate with us to send messages, report their child’s absence, be reminded of events and be invited to parent consultations.

We feel that using ‘Famly’ helps us to provide a strong partnership between preschool and home.

If you would like more information about the Early Years Foundation Stage, click to view the document “What to Expect When – A guide for Parents” which gives a guide on your child’s development.